How to market yourself in pro football!

"The Power to the Players!"

By: Jodi J. Woodruff, Esq.


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Free Agency in Pro Football is a web site of resources for free agents in pro football.

The best feature is a pro. portfolio design studio where you can create a stunning web presence for your stats, bio, pictures, and video footage to market to industry professionals!

In fact, one of the first players I designed a web site portfolio for got two professional contracts within a week of publication of the web site!  Another one got a contract with the CFL within 2 weeks of publication of his web site.

So - this site works!  And it is dedicated to you - the pro street free agent.  Enjoy!

My motto is "The Power to the Player".  And, I take that very seriously.  

This site has info. for both the professional "street" free agent and for the pro. free agent.  I hope it is helpful!


My name is Jodi J. Woodruff.  I am the designer of this free agency experience.

I have over 10 years of web design background and over 7 years of legal background.

I have designed web sites for anyone from corporate 500's to mom and pop shops.  Every site is new and different!

My legal experience has been around labor relations, antitrust, with a touch of financial law.  I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, College of Law.

Regarding my NFL football background, I am the author of two books, "NFL Free Agency" and "Free Agency in Pro Football".

I spent two years of my law school studying the NFL's Free Agency legal issues (predominately antitrust and labor relations.)  

I did an externship in law school on free agency in the NFL - the Legal Issues.

Plus, I was very active in the Cincinnati and Law School Sports Law Clubs.  In fact, I was Vice President of our law school Entertainment and Sports Law Group and in charge of speaker engagements and symposiums.


This site would not be complete unless I introduced you to "THE WALL".

The Wall is a new, revolutionary web site that markets free agents in pro football.


It's theme is "Please Choose Pro. Football Free Agents First!"

It is the first free functional web site that offers portfolios of free agents to the professional football community!



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Want to see some examples of what I am talking about?  Sure, I'm happy to show you.  May I proudly present some pro players that I have designed web portfolios for:  Please click each image below to drive to the web site.  Enjoy!

Tyler Williams
Foster Reznor
Troy Culpepper Jr.
Darryl Cyprien

03 Testimonials

Erick Evans

Jodi Woodruff is a hard working woman that really wants to see players make it to their dream. She inspired me that my dream is attainable and to never give up on it! She got me connected to the right people and highly recommend reaching out to Jodi if you are have trouble getting connected with the right people. I guarantee Jodi will have your back!

Cochise Jones

Jodi did a masterful job in displaying the entirety of “Cochise ‘Cj’ Jones.” I was in complete and utter shock at how tremendous her work was and blown away to say the least. Jodi is as sweet and kind of a soul known to creation and I can only hope that this recommendation along with these words does for Jodi whatever blessings are to come. I don’t have enough words to truly express how amazing Jodi is, I can just say that I recommend first and before most. An honor and pleasure to have worked with Jodi and my gratitude extends to the ends of eternity. 

David Reed II

Ms. Jodi Woodruff is absolutely amazing! She will work restlessly to help put you on a platform to reach your dream goal. Ms. Woodruff did not complain one bit throughout the process of assisting me. I am fortunate enough to have met such a kind, thoughtful, and generous person. She will not let you down!

Antonio Penn

When I approached Jodi, I was looking to expand my network but I received much more than what I was investing in. Jodi, quickly reached back out to me, eager to help tell my story of my professional football journey to the world from the Free Agent perspective, in hopes of increasing my name as a brand and a top Free Agent on the market. Her resumes speaks for itself and her dedication, commitment, and work ethic to help free agents get more exposure and network growth is beyond what anyone could ever measure. I truly am grateful for my network connection with Jodi Woodruff and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested.


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