Marketing Free Agents in Pro Football

By: Jodi J. Woodruff

September 20, 2018

So, you are ready to play pro football. But how?  That's a great question!  This article talks about marketing yourself in the pros.  It goes into building your online resume, getting an agent, attracting PR, trying out for teams, and where to go to get attention for yourself in the pros.

I hope it is helpful.  If you have any comments, please leave these in the "Comments" section of this web site.  Was this article useful?  What would you like to read about, if it is not already here?  Is there anything you would like to learn more about, that is not already listed, or that is listed but is not explained enough?

Let's get started!  First, we talk about building a portfolio, or web presence for your work.

Creating Your Portfolio/Building a Web Presence

The first thing you want to do is to build a portfolio presence online.  It is like a digital resume for a football player. 


This portfolio should include the following parts:

  • A Bio – a page long background of your football highlights and what you have been doing in football.

  • Stats -  I like to include your birthday and home town – for flavor, then you want statistics like your 40 yd dash (that must be in there); your short shuttle; your long and vertical jumps; your college and pro stats, etc. Stats are important b/c scouts love stats!

  • Pictures – A lot of pictures. People love to see pictures.  It makes you more personable. 

  • Videos – This section is very important.  Scouts and agent love to see your video footage.  I suggest 2 -3 videos at least of your background playing skills.

I offer a service that creates these resumes for you at this web site.  ( ). 

Then, you get your info. Posted on THE WALL for free.  The Wall is an online portfolio market for pro. Football free agents.  It’s the first complete resume place for football players online.  The Wall is located at – if you want to take a look at it.


It gives you a good idea of what we are shooting for design-wise.  I created The Wall out of desperation to get attention to these wonderful players who were coming to me looking for help marketing themselves in the pros.  I hope you enjoy!

Getting Attention in the Pros

After you have built your resume and posted it on THE WALL, there are a few other places you might want to check out.  Most of these cost money, but these are worth it if you get a paid contract out of this. 

Think of these as recruiter sites, in terms of business.  It is just that these are “recruiters” for niche pro football.


Some of these sites are the following:

  • Instant Scouting:  Instant Scouting is an excellent site that markets players for the pros.  It can be found at .

  • Podyum:  Has a lot of International leads on it already there for you to get placed in pro teams.  I know this one costs money.  It can be found at .

  •   Ath-Elites Scouting:  Ath-Elites scouting’s main focus is IFL contracts and Indoor Football Leagues.  It’s an excellent resource.  Everyone I’ve known who has gone to them has gotten onto a team.  It can be found at

  • SDFL:  Finally, the SDFL, or State Developmental Football League is a great place to get a start in the pros.  You pay for the experience.  They get you play time in a semi-pro league and video footage.  Plus, they help you as an athlete to manage your life.  (money, agents, etc.)  If you need current, pro experience – I strongly advise you try it!  It is located at


One player that I know goes to the Michael Johnson Performance Center in Texas to work out with the pros.  Maybe you have something like that in your area? Do not give up.  Keep your game on!  And, something will break.

Try-Outs or Combines for Pro Teams

When trying to break into the pros of football, you have to expand your options.  Try out for some IFLs (Indoor Football Leagues) or the CFL (Candian Football League) for example, just to see if you can get some pro.  Playing time and some experience/film footage for your resume. 

Don’t worry if you weren’t drafted out of College.  Kurt Warner played for Iowa Barnstormers.  Warren Moon played for the CFL.  Case Keenum and Adam Thielen went undrafted.  Plus, there are many more players like that.  (John Randle is another one.)


The key is keeping your game up!  So, you are attractive to pro. Teams.


The following 2 web sites list try-outs for players to play pro. Football:

Getting an Agent

This can be tough if you are undrafted.  I won’t lie to you.  Most agents won’t look at you unless you are in the top draft.  However, if you want an agent, first get your material together. 


I suggest you go to and get a portfolio built.  It is what agents are looking for when they interview you.


If you want to try to get an agent, I know a great resource for you: 

  • THE NFLPA -  The NFLPA is the National Football League Players’ Association.  At this web site, you will find a list of Agents, by name and by location.  All of these are NFL certified agents.  It’s a great place to start.  The web site is at

  • THE CFL - Here is the link to CFL certified agents.

  • Also try Linkedin - Agents do list there.  It can’t hurt, and it might help.  These are agents that do more than just NFL placement – CFL, etc.

Doing a PR Campaign

Do want pro. PR?  You can get it, but it is quite expensive.  Prices range for $800 to $3000.  I’m not going to go into much detail on this b/c it’s an article in itself..  But here are a couple of places that I know of where you can get some great PR exposure:

  • Annie Jennings PR -  This place can get you on over 100 radio gigs in no time.  Plus, all are quality gigs – not just podcasts.  Annie Jennings can be found at

  • Top PR Firms of 2018 -  Here is a list of the Top 100 PR firms in the nation as of 2018.

  • Fiverr – Fiverr is a great place to go to get freelance help with your PR tasks.  You get what you pay for, but there are some great people here who can get you gigs.  Plus, they are inexpensive!  The web site is at .

  • News -  Press releases to all the major hubs.  Flexible pricing.  Go to to learn more.

  • PR Web – Another press release hub with a national reputation for excellence.  Go to  to learn more.

  • Run a Search -  There are many other people/firms I could list here.  But I suggest you run a search in either or on the internet under (“sports pr firms” or “Sports pr agency”)  and see what you find.  I guarantee you will find someone who can represent your greatness. 😊

Putting It All Together

What you desperately need to start off with is a qualified portfolio that markets yourself.  So you can start to pitch yourself to football personnel, agents, and scouts in an organized manner.  Think of it as your online resume – and that is something that’s a must for any job applicant.  It’s just this is for pro. Football, so it’s a little untraditional.  But it works.


That can be found at  Mention this article and I can get you a discount! If you suffer severe hardship, I may be able to design a portfolio for free.  I’ve been known to do that to help.  I’d prefer you pay obviously, but don’t let the money block you from pursuing your dreams!  Other options are available, if you are strapped for cash.


After that, it’s market, market, market.  You will spend a lot of time networking on social media, reaching out to agents, and playing – to get your exposure up.  Good Luck, and Congratulations.  You’ve taken the first step towards success and you should be proud of yourself.

Please go to the comments section of this web site to comment on this article.  Please also, do write me if the contents of this article brings you success!  I always love to hear success stories from the players!

- Sade
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